Volunteer Information

Dear Volunteer Candidate,

   Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Liberty Ministries. Liberty Ministries has been active in prison ministry for over thirty years. Our Volunteers have been a driving force behind the ministry's success from the very beginning.

   We look forward to working with you in achieving what God has placed on your heart by reaching out to those in prison. To ensure your complete understanding of what is required of a Liberty Ministries volunteer, by our ministry and the administration of the correctional facility, if you are volunteering for in-prison work, and to provide us with important information with which to facilitate the process, we have compiled this volunteer application package. Read it thoroughly first, then complete it in its entirety.

1. Complete, sign and date the Liberty Ministries Volunteer Application. You must include a copy of your valid Pennsylvania Drivers License or Pennsylvania State I.D.
2. Sign and date the Liberty Ministries Volunteer Guidelines form
3. Sign, date and record the desired information on the Statement of Faith form.
4. Sign and date the Covenant for Volunteers form.
5. Sign and date the Volunteer Release Waiver.
6. Complete the "Requester Identification" section of the Pennsylvania State Police Request For Criminal Record Check, pertaining to Name, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Sex and Race.

This form must be mailed to:

Pennsylvania State Police
Central Repository - 164
1800 Elmerton Avenue
Harrisburg, Pa. 17110-9758

Be sure to include a Money Order (DO NOT send a check) for $10.00.

7. Complete the Liberty House Volunteer and / or In-Prison Volunteer Work Preference Form.

8. Complete, sign and date the Montgomery County Correctional Facility Volunteer Application. Return with all other signed documents to Liberty Ministries at address provided.

On behalf of Liberty Ministries I thank you again for your interest in our important work. We look forward to working with you.


Steve Poloway,
Prison Program Director

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